Advanced Lash Science

Employs our LashTech technology and exclusive LashVitalize formula to fortify lash roots and nurture the skin around the eyes. 

Our innovative approach ensures lashes not only grow longer but stronger.

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Why Choose Velorah® Lash Serum?


Eye Irritation


Hormone Free

Immediate Results

Long Lasting

Science Backed Results*


Saw salon professional results in as little as 2 weeks.


Saw healthier looking lashes in as little as 2 weeks.


Saw longer looking lashes in as little as 2 weeks.

*Based on a study of 12,846 users.

Over 314,937+ Girlies Are Seeing Longer Lashes!

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    It's giving lashes!!!!

    Skeptical at first, but Velorah® amazed me! My eyelashes feel alive, thicker, and I love the way it fits into my routine. Total game-changer!

    Bria M.

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    Confidence Boost

    Velorah® has transformed my beauty routine. My lashes have never looked better, and the ease of use is unbeatable. It's like getting a salon-quality lash boost every morning.

    Mary U.

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    No more false lashes needed!

    Velorah® is my new holy grail for lash care. I noticed a significant difference in just a few weeks—my lashes are longer, thicker, and healthier. No more false lashes needed!

    Janissa F.

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